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Sell My Car Miami was founded with one main lofty goal in mind: to provide an outstanding customer service experience that exceeds the expectations of individuals looking to sell their vehicles rapidly, hassle-free, and in an extremely convenient manner. With us, you can get a quote for your vehicle instantly without having to take it to a physical location, like CarMax. Even more, we offer free and fast pick up at the convenience of your home or office and guarantee payment immediately, no waiting for drafts to clear. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded car buying service that serves Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County.

Above all, we strive to deliver value and outstanding customer service in an industry that is full of dishonest profit-driven dealers. With over 10 years in the car business, we have seen it all. We founded this company to give private vehicle owners a better alternative than franchise or independent dealers who keep you in the dark about your vehicle’s actual worth. We understand the industry very well and as fellow automobile owners, we identify with your concerns and have thoughtfully established a better way to serve your needs.

Unlike CarMax and other dealers, we make sure to give our customers the highest possible price without any fuss, and no obligation to purchase another vehicle. Our commitment to always put our customers first has made us South Florida’s most trusted vehicle buying service, substantiated by thousands of customers who have sold their vehicles to us. Please take the time to read our “What You Need to Know” section below to assist you in making your future automotive decision. We hope you find our website informative and helpful. Please feel free to contact us to find out how Sell My Car Miami can give you the full benefits of our services.

Robert Soto
President & Owner

What You Need to Know About Franchises and Independent Dealers

Most franchises and independent dealers undervalue their customer’s trade to make an immediate profit. Not only do they make money on the vehicle they sold you, they also make thousands on your trade. A lot of times they will also inflate the actual value of your trade to make you purchase a vehicle where the original price was jacked up anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. The whole majority of them will not buy your vehicle unless you buy one of theirs.

About CarMax

What people don’t know is that CarMax owns auto auctions. Do you really believe that they will offer you a fair appraisal if they need to make profit at their auctions? You will be amazed if you knew how much they make in each vehicle.

Are you asking yourself, “Why don’t I just sell my used car myself?

The process of selling a car takes a great deal of time and effort. Protect yourself from countless phone calls, broken appointments, people looking for “test drives” and those looking to defraud you. Our goal is to eliminate all the hassles of your car selling experience. Save time, money and yourself from the trouble of inviting strangers to your home.

Get in touch with us now and get cash today. High quality service guaranteed.